Coastal Drive

The Shelley Point Hotel & Spa offers a unique experience to our guests - the very popular Coastal Drive.
The developer of Shelley Point as well as the owner of the Hotel, brought two of his game-driving vehicles all the way from his farm in Namibia, Erindi, to Shelley Point to show our guests a bit more of the beautiful West Coast.
The drive starts and ends at The Shelley Point Hotel. The total duration varies anything from 2½ hours to about 4 hours – depending on the time available to our guests.
First, we take a short drive through Shelley Point peninsula, visiting our three unique and pristine beaches, each with its own character. Then we pass the Vasco da Gama statue and Belgian crafted fountains and visit the Vasco da Gama Museum. From there we take a leisurely drive down the Golden Mile, the old freshwater well and then westwards on a gravel road past Duyker Eiland and then into the Groot Paternoster Nature Reserve.
An off-road drive on a one vehicle gravel/sandy track along the coast, we make a stop halfway, where we entertain the guests with drinks on the beach and where they can play in the sand, take photos of the dolphins surfing the waves and enjoy the unspoiled beauty of the West Coast.
The Coastal route continues, and we drive through the area where they "farm" with oyster and abalone and then drive onwards to Paternoster, one of the oldest fishing villages on the West Coast. We visit the area where the fishermen launch their boats and where locals sell crayfish under the trees opposite the old Paternoster hotel.
We explore the Cape Columbine Nature Reserve towards Tietiesbaai, and our second stop is at a quaint little bay where you can relax with a drink, beautiful scenery and a great photo opportunity!
Thereafter we slowly drive back again through Paternoster, taking the gravel road connecting with the bigger St Helena Bay.

What Is Included:

Your coastal drive, more information about the area and it’s fauna & flora, drinks (wine, beer, cold drink and water) and of course your private local chauffeur.
The vehicle can accommodate a maximum of 9 guests @ R300/per person or booked for a private excursion at R1800.